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Routine Exam:
A comprehensive evaluation focused on updating expired eyeglass prescriptions and screening of ocular diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. Covered by basic vision insurance usually limited to one evaluation every 1-2 years.

Contact Lens Fitting:
A procedure specifically focused on measuring parameters for the custom fit and refractive correction necessary for an individual who wishes to use contact lenses. A contact lens fit is separate billable procedure not included with routine examination. It may or may not be covered by basic vision insurance.

Diagnostic Eye Exam:
A very detailed problem focused examination involving diagnosis/management/treatment of ocular disease. Any evaluation of the eye, orbit, retina, visual system, or visual pathways is considered an diagnostic evaluation and is covered by major medical insurances. Diagnostic exams are not limited by medical insurances. A problem may require multiple visits to properly treat and manage.

Examples Of Diagnostic Eye Exams Include:

  • Retinal Exams For High Blood Pressure & Diabetes
  • Cataract Evaluation
  • Any Eye Pain or Redness

Surgical Care:
We provide minor in office surgical procedures such as metallic foreign body removal and installation of punctual plugs. We co-manage major surgical procedures such as cataract removal, eye lid, eye muscle, and retinal surgery.